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First Presbyterian Church of Tequesta is governed by a group of elders who serve on the Session. Each Elder is a spiritual leader of the congregation who is called by God and elected by the congregation to serve for a 1 to 3-year term, ensuring that all have the opportunity to strengthen their relationship with God.

Our Current 2023 Elders are: Jane Speak, David Sloan, Jocelyn O’Neill, Scott Rippe, Drew Cunningham, Millie Eyeington, Sarah Greer-Martinez, Rosemarie Von Zabern, and Martha Parker (Clerk of Session).

Our 2023 Treasurer is: Ken Sloan


Deacons are leaders in the church who are called by God and elected by the congregation to continue Christ’s ministry of compassion and service. You may see our Deacons helping out with the worship service, setting up for a church gathering, visiting the sick, or keeping up with the needs of the congregation. Through their service, Christ’s hope and healing is shared to all who need it.

Our Current 2023 Deacons are: Cami Cunningham (Moderator), Gwen Eyeington, Chery Hires, Suzanne Mechler, Karen Swanson, Mary Collins, Barbara Glaff Brenda Hunt-Simanski, Mary Scalf and Ian Eyeington.