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Deacons are leaders in the church who are called by God and elected by the congregation to continue Christ’s ministry of compassion and service. You may see our Deacons helping out with the worship service, setting up for a church gathering, visiting the sick, or keeping up with the needs of the congregation. Through their service, Christ’s hope and healing is shared to all who need it.

Below are members who currently serve as Deacons:

Kristin Doyle – Moderator

Rachel Commerford
Fred Cone
Martha Parker
Jill Rippe
Mellissa Sloan
Bill Wood

Mary Collins
Kristen Doyle
Gwen Eyeington
Muff Poundstone
Lyn Snyder
Bette Walker

Susan Glenn
Karla Ludwick
Lois Kirk
Jake Westbrook
Jeff Piddington
Erika Sundrud


Need a deacon?  Contact us at 561-746-5161.