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New Giving Page

We’ve moved the donation page.

See our new donation page.

By Mail

You can still mail in a check or cash to the church office. We will be collecting mail and depositing offerings every week.

You can mail your offering to our church office:
FPC Tequesta
482 Tequesta Drive
Tequesta, FL 33469



You can also have your bank make contributions automatically from your bank account. If you are interested in automatic giving, please click the Donate button above to use PayPal, contact the church office at 561-746-5161, or email Kelly at office@tequestapres.org.

All donations are considered a charitable donation and tax deductible. Donations can be accepted in person at the church office, electronically, or by mail. We recommend electronic check/bill payment via your local bank. Please make all checks payable to: The First Presbyterian Church of Tequesta.

If your gift is to be spent on a specific church program or project, please communicate that in the ‘memo’ line of the check. Please contact the church office with any other questions or comments.

Thank you!


Why I Give

Jim Snyder—Before I say why I “support” the church, let me say why I go to church in the first place. I go because I believe that God created in each of us a mirror of Himself. And our chief reason for being is to reflect God’s light wherever we go. I see that light myself when I observe others in church. I gain strength when I learn from their courage, humor and grace during trying circumstances that I might one day face myself.  Church re-balances me. Much like getting the spine fixed by a chiropractor, I get spiritually “adjusted” for the week ahead.

Church reminds me it’s time to pray, which I don’t do enough of when I’m “outside.”  Church helps me learn more about Christ’s teachings and how I should live my life.  The pastors and people in this church have supported me—both during happy family weddings and tragic family losses.

So, why do I “support” the church? Why would I not? And just maybe, my participation—my own input—can cause someone else to see a reflection of God’s light.