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Give Back

Thank you for your support of First Presbyterian!

All donations are considered a charitable donation and tax deductible. Donations can be accepted in person at the church office, electronically, or by mail. We recommend electronic check/bill payment via your local bank. Please make all checks payable to: The First Presbyterian Church of Tequesta and mail to our address at 482 Tequesta Dr., Tequesta, FL 33469.

If your gift is to be spent on a specific church program or project, please communicate that in the ‘memo’ line of the check. Please contact the church office with any other questions or comments.

Thank you!


Why I Give

SnyderJim Snyder—Before I say why I “support” the church, let me say why I go to church in the first place. I go because I believe that God created in each of us a mirror of Himself. And our chief reason for being is to reflect God’s light wherever we go. I see that light myself when I observe others in church. I gain strength when I learn from their courage, humor and grace during trying circumstances that I might one day face myself.  Church re-balances me. Much like getting the spine fixed by a chiropractor, I get spiritually “adjusted” for the week ahead.

Church reminds me it’s time to pray, which I don’t do enough of when I’m “outside.”  Church helps me learn more about Christ’s teachings and how I should live my life.  The pastors and people in this church have supported me—both during happy family weddings and tragic family losses.

So, why do I “support” the church? Why would I not? And just maybe, my participation—my own input—can cause someone else to see a reflection of God’s light.