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Our Curriculum


For most two-year-olds, this will be their first experience in a school setting. We treat these precious little ones with a lot of love and understanding. We are perfecting potty skills and sharing with others. We are learning our colors, shapes, and letters. We spend time painting, gluing, and exploring art through different mediums. We will learn about our community and the world around us.



The three-year-old year is a time of many changes. These children become more social and independent. They are following directions and learning how to make friends and be a good friend. In the three-year-old classes, we are preparing them for the next step that they will take in preschool. We are focusing on writing our names and letter recognition as well as color and shape recognition. We are fine-tuning our small-motor skills, exploring nature and the world around us, and learning how our community works. The teacher will track each child’s progress and work individually with each child.


The four-year-old year is a very important year. We are preparing your child to make that successful transition into kindergarten. We use the “Learning Without Tears” curriculum as well as the “Happily Ever After” emergent reading program. We spend a great deal of time using manipulatives and materials with our multi-sensory hands-on approach to best prepare our students for kindergarten. The classroom setup encourages “center time.” The teachers work in small groups during reading time to insure each child has a good foundation. We stay in contact with the local elementary schools to make sure we have the latest information on their kindergarten expectations. We pride ourselves on our digital free approach as we believe the best learning happens by being hands on and utilizing peer interaction along with teacher led activities.

All age groups will have Chapel each week.